In Italy ESTA was born in 1976. The first president was Arrigo Pelliccia, former assistant to Carl Flesch together with his fellow student Max Rostal. Later, internationally renowned artists succeeded each other as president. The first Steering Committee was formed by: Arrigo Pelliccia (President), Bruno Giuranna, Dino Asciolla, Lilia d'Albore, Felix Ayo, Aurelio Arcidiacono and Alfonso Ghedin. These artists, famous in Italy and internationally, aware of the difficult situation of music education and popularization in Italy, have activated themselves with generosity and self-sacrifice, for the deep desire to preserve, but also to renew, the great traditions of our country .

The ESTA section has distinguished itself over time by organizing events and seminars and has had the opportunity and the honor of hosting the International Congress four times, returning in 2019 to the city symbol in the world for bowed instruments: Cremona.

The presidents

The presidents of ESTA Italia were:

Arrigo Pelliccia (1977-1982)
Lilia d'Albore (1982-1988)
Giovanni Antonioni (1989-1991)
Piero Farulli (1995-1998)
Renato Zanettovich (1995-1998)
Sabina Moretti (1998-?)
Bruno Giuranna (2004-2011)
Massimo Quarta (2011-2013)
Emanuele Beschi (2014-2018)
Jill Comerford (2018-2020)

Antonello Farulli (2020 ad oggi)

ESTA International Congresses held in Italy

Rome 1988

Trieste 1998

Cremona 2007

Cremona 2019

The main objectives of ESTA

Promote the highest educational and artistic levels in the teaching of bowed instruments.

Promote the study of bowed instruments throughout the life of each individual.

Encourage study and research at all stages of teaching stringed instruments.

Provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of instrumental teaching ideas through conferences, workshops, publications, etc.

Promote collaboration between associates and with other organizations.

The associates

ESTA members are teachers and instrumentalists of violin, viola, cello and double bass. ESTA is not an association of music schools or musical institutions, although they can join. The set of members includes a large variety of professionals who carry out their activity in conservatories, music schools or privately. ESTA encourages adhesion also for adult students and amateurs. To encourage the development and adoption of new teaching and learning paths, ESTA is not limited to a single teaching methodology, but welcomes them all. Each member can access the events organized both nationally and internationally.

Membership offers:

- ESTA Italia A TUTTO ARCO magazine, in a six-monthly edition, available online in the members' area

- The magazine ARCHI MAGAZINE, available online in the area reserved for members

- Members' access to the reserved area on the national website

- Members' access to other ESTA sections and the possibility of using their services

- The possibility of organizing ESTA events at regional and local level.

- Even isolated teachers will increasingly be able to share their experiences and stay in

- Contact with other teachers both in their country and throughout Europe, thanks to the opportunities offered by the internet.