ESTA Italia participates in the ESTA congress in Portugal

There are two links that specifically concern ESTA-Italia's participation in the work of the ESTA 2020 Congress in Portugal. Because of Covid the congress was postponed, but to keep alive the relations between the ESTA sections in this moment of isolation, the Portuguese colleagues organized zoom meetings on Saturday evening especially with the intention of introducing the presenters.

Last week the video of the 2019 congress organized by ESTA-Italia in Cremona was posted (which you can find on the ESTA-Italia YouTube channel) .
The president of ESTA-Italia was invited to comment on it.
You can review the post a

This week, the video presentation on the Otakar Sevčik report that our partner, Gabriela Drasarova, will present at the congress was posted. On Saturday evening at 19:00, you spoke about this work. The link of the presentation is already available

All zoom meetings are available on the ESTA Portugal YouTube channel.