Colorstrings: Violin / Viola Teaching Approach - 30/31 October 2021

Colourstring 30/31 ottobre 2021

An introduction to an innovative and playful methodology, now famous all over the world!

Lecturer: Géza Szilvay, President of ESTA International

30/31 October 2021

ONLINE (Zoom platform), the course will be held in English with English subtitles. Participants are invited to have their own instrument with them because there will be moments dedicated to practice.

The duration of the course will be 10 hours: 9.30-11.00, 11.30-13.00, 14.30-16.30 on both days.


cost: € 50 for ESTA ITALIA members.


                                                                  INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTRATION

From today it is possible to enroll in the recognized refresher course “Modern strategies and paths for teaching string instruments”.
Instructions for those who are in possession of the "Teachers Bonus":
- Connect to the "teacher's card" portal and generate a € 50 voucher for "training and updating" e save the pdf.

- Connect to the Sofia platform with your account, enter the course title or code in the search engine


, select the course and follow the instructions. At the end of the procedure a link will open which will refer to the Esta Italia website (used to complete the registration).

- From the link generated or if it does not work on the Esta Italia website click "Add to cart" and then on "checkout"; fill in the data and enter the discount code "BONUSDOCENTE" so that the cart is reset and complete the operation.
- Send the previously generated bonus pdf to
Instructions for those who do not take advantage of the "teacher bonus":
-click "Add to cart" and then on "checkout"; fill in the data and complete the payment
To obtain the certificate it is necessary to attend the 80% of the course, ie 8 hours. The certificate will be issued in the weeks following the once attendance has been verified.
Each member will be sent (to the email indicated during registration) an access link to the zoom platform to follow the course the day before the start. Access will be granted to those who are in good standing with the registration.
For privacy reasons, video recording of the course will not be carried out nor will it be allowed.
For information you can send an email to

Colourstring 30/31 ottobre 2021